This Week in Fandom, Volume 4

Welcome back to This Week in Fandom, the OTW’s Tuesday recap of everything you may have missed lately! We’re a day late this week to make room for our April drive, which raised US$ 97,155.54 thanks to your generosity!

Another controversial character death has rocked fandom. Sleepy Hollow killed off one of its leads this past week, and the show’s audience isn’t happy. Fans took to social media in outrage and horror, with many suggesting that race may have been a significant factor in the decision to remove such a popular character. Former cast member Orlando Jones certainly thinks the character’s race is relevant.

The character’s passing comes on the heels of The 100’s second shocking death in the past three episodes. This time, the show lost Ricky Whittle’s Lincoln…and a number of viewers. Join the mourning on Twitter or explore the broader issue on tumblr. (The show’s most recent victim has expressed deep dissatisfaction with his character’s arc and the circumstances of his death.)

In happier news, the fifth annual Middle East Film Festival and Comic Con (MEFCC) was a huge success. Screenwriter and director Max Landis, who has attended the convention since its inception, told the Los Angeles Times ‘how not jaded and not rude and not cynical [MEFCC] is compared to cons in America. Landis also hosted a cosplay contest, which looked awesome!

U.S. cons have their own appeal, of course. Emerald City Comic Con ran 7–10 April and included a panel featuring the OTW’s own Astrid Clemons! We’ll hear from Astrid in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out!

Finally, the first trailer for Star Wars spinoff film Rogue One was released on Thursday, and ‘normal’ people around the internet are already sick of hearing sexists complain about its female protagonist. Best-selling illustrator Phil Noto shared a shocking revelation on the subject

before treating Twitter to some awesome fan art

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This Week in Fandom

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