This Week in Fandom, Volume 16

One of the best things about Twitter’s trending topics is that they can show us how much we have in common with people we’ve never spoken to and will never meet. When #GrowingUpAFangirl started trending on 1 July, many of us at the OTW were shouting ‘OMG too true’ at our timelines.

and then your flatmate comes out and asks who you’re talking to and then she sees what you’re watching and just rolls her eyes and walks away…

not to mention the NSFW fan art…

Fans (of all genders) connecting with fans is a beautiful thing, whether it’s on Twitter or in real life. Have any of you attended a local meet-up or other event to meet people in your fandoms? How did it feel meeting your fellow fans? Tell us about it in the comments!

MCU fan sashayed used the real life geography of the National Mall in Washington, DC to make a strong case that Steve Rogers is deliberately running into Sam on his run during Captain America: The Winter Soldier and not ‘lapping’ him as the movie suggests. Sashayed compared her eye-opening report to Charlie Kelly’s Pepe Silvia rant (some NSFW language), but we think she’s onto something big. (As someone who has lived in DC, I can personally confirm that Steve’s teeth would be full of bugs. Ick. —Kiri)

Something else important got cleared up on social media this past week:

We were alerted to that masterful tweet by Elizabeth Minkel and Gavia Baker-Whitelaw, who have been publishing a great, This Week in Fandom-esque newsletter called The Rec Center, which features fic recs and fan-friendly articles, plus some great editorial insights from Elizabeth and Gavia.

Do you regularly publish meta? Let us know in the comments! Plus, let us know what we missed this week in fandom, and give us your tips for next week.

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This Week in Fandom

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