This Week in Fandom, Volume 14

2016 continues to be a year full of high-profile celebrity deaths. With the recent passing of Anton Yelchin, best know for his role as Chekov in the Star Trek reboot movies, fans have been paying tribute to the young actor.

If wonderful people could stop dying, that’d be great, thanks.

In happier news, fans are getting psyched about Moana.

The first teaser trailer can be viewed here.

The OTW’s Legal committee worked with The Electronic Frontier Foundation to help secure a victory for Vimeo and other media-hosting websites under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). They successfully argued for the Second Circuit court to overturn a 2014 decision that held Vimeo liable for hosting unlicensed music recorded prior to 1972, and also for continuing to host musical content that potentially violated copyright after any Vimeo employee became aware of the hosted content. The safe harbor provision of the DMCA provides protection for service provides that meet certain conditions from liability for users infringing on copyright, but the 2014 decision limited that protection.

In overturning that decision, the Second Circuit court declared that limiting safe harbor protection to material produced after 1972 (at which point federal law replaced state law) “would defeat the very purpose Congress sought to achieve in passing the statute.” The court also declared that a Vimeo employe simply becoming aware of the use of “recognizable” copyrighted material “would be insufficient for many reasons to make infringement obvious to an ordinary reasonable person, who is not an expert in music or the law of copyright.”

Are you a fan of How to Get Away with Murder? Participants are wanted for research on HTGAWM’s fan base. The research “seeks to explore and analyze the nuances and affective engagement of fandom culture in relation to fan fiction… and [seeks] to unravel the imagined pleasures and desires by the fans who engage with reading and writing fan fiction.” The research is being conducted by University of Minnesota PhD student Nicholas-Brie Guarriello ([email protected]) under the supervision of Catherine Squires ([email protected]). Interested parties should contact Guarriello at [email protected] to receive a copy of a survey via e-mail.

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  1. Janis commented:

    Figured you’d get a kick out of this — an example of Ye Olde Tyme Fandomme by a couple of obsessed science nerd fanboys in the Royal Society:

    • Cat Goodfellow commented:

      Hi Janis, thanks so much for sending us this!

      Cat (Communications)