This Week in Fandom, Volume 116

Welcome to This Week in Fandom, the OTW’s roundup of things which are happening! Before we start, are you excited for the imminent release of Veronica Mars season four? What are you hoping will happen in the new episodes? Let us know in the comments!

There’s been big nows this week about the upcoming James Bond movie, the as-yet-untitled 25th instalment in the franchise. According to Vox, the movie begins with James Bond (currently played by Daniel Craig) in retirement, and actress Lashana Lynch playing the new agent 007. While it’s unlikely that her character will be taking over from James Bond as the main character of the franchise, fans are still excited about the inclusion of a woman of colour as a secret agent.

The increasing diversification of the cast and crew is another way to shake up the series’ longest-standing tropes. With a female co-writer, an Asian American director, an Egyptian American villain, and a black woman as the new 007, not only will Bond 25 be the franchise’s most inclusive installment — it’s also already the most interesting.

There’s been more developments recently in the story of Euphoria’s animated Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson sex scene, which we reported on last week. According to Insider, a fan has started a petition to have the scene removed from the episode. The petition, which currently has over 19,000 signatures, asks that if the scene isn’t outright removed, that it at least be changed to “remove the names of the characters as a last resort.”

Many fans are unhappy about the scene, and they’ve taken to social media to express their feelings:

What do you think? Have you signed the petition? Or are you ok with the scene as it was aired? Let us know in the comments!

An interesting article was published by Refinery29 recently about the place of fan art in the fine art world. The article is somewhat disrespectful to some fan artists, claiming that those without a formal artistic education “aren’t actual artists,” but this is mostly
explored as part of what might help define “fan art” and determine its welcomeness in traditional fine art spaces.

What you understand as fan art may depend on what you think it means to be a fan. Does fandom mean you direct relentless, unquestioning positivity toward a subject? Does it mean you fill your home with themed bric-a-brac? Or does it mean you respect someone or something, and fight for their cultural relevance to be appreciated? And how much is it possible for an artwork to both serious and fanatic at once?

Lastly, have a cute article about the perks of having a fandom BFF. Though the article focuses on k-pop, many of its points are universal across fandom, such as “You’ll feel understood.” Why not send this to your fandom BFF?

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