Things to Come at TWC

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The OTW’s journal, Transformative Works and Cultures (TWC), will be celebrating its 20th issue this September. OTW’s Communications Committee is at work planning some events to recognize the achievements of our small but extremely hard-working team that has given us several of these issues each year since its launch in 2008.

But we would also like your help! How would you like to see TWC celebrated? As we plan for a panel discussion and posts, what topics would you like to see discussed? What kind of events would you like to take part in? Let us know!

In the meantime, TWC has two calls for papers for future issues. The Symposium section in each issue exists for fan contributions, so even if you are not an academic, do consider submitting an essay for these issues! Or help TWC out by spreading the word.

Special Issue CFP: Sherlock Holmes Fandom, Sherlockiana, and the Great Game (March 2017)

“This special issue seeks to engage both academics and fans in writing about the older, long established Sherlockian fandom. We welcome papers that address all fandoms of Sherlock Holmes and its adaptations, particularly those that trace the connections and similarities/differences among and between older and newer fandoms.

We welcome submissions dealing with, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Questions of nomenclature, cultural distinction, class, race, gender, and sexuality.
  • The role of Sherlockian fandom and the Great Game in fandom history.
  • Academic histories of Sherlockian fandom, both organized and informal.
  • Connections between new adaptation-based fandoms and the older fandom.
  • Fan productions, e.g., pastiche, fan works, and Sherlockian writings on the Canon.
  • Influence of intellectual property law and norms on adaptations and fan productions.
  • Sherlockian publishing, e.g., MX, Titan, BSI Press or Wessex Press.
  • Community, e.g., Sherlockians on the Internet or Sherlockian “real world” gatherings.
  • Specific national fandoms, e.g., Japanese or Chinese Sherlock Holmes reception.

Read more at their announcement on the TWC site.

They are also looking for contributions for a special issue on Queer Female Fandom:

This special issue is the first dedicated to femslash, and it aims to collect and put in dialogue emerging research and criticism on the subject, from histories of lesbian fandom to current fan activities around queer female characters and pairings. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • case studies of femslash subcultures and fanworks
  • femslash dynamics and demographics
  • platforms, archives, and communities
  • diachronic or comparative analyses
  • feminist investments in centering women
  • debates about queerbaiting and the politics of visibility
  • queer female authorship in gift/commercial economies
  • transnational circulation of queer female texts
  • yuri (girls’ love) and other non-western femslash iterations

Read more at their announcement on the TWC site.

And don’t forget to check out the recently released issue 19, “Transnationalism, Localization, and Translation in European Fandom.”


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