The OTW: By Fans, For Fans, Open to All

We believe that creation thrives in community, and that fandom especially requires spaces to exist free from censorship, open to all, and without threat of disappearing. In a world where fan labor is so often exploited, censorship is mandated, and information remains in flux, the Organization for Transformative Works (OTW) aims to create spaces where all are welcome to create, analyze, and preserve. And to do that, we rely on your donations.

The Archive of Our Own’s Hugo Award serves as both a celebration and reminder of the importance of fannish spaces where all are free to create, post, and share, but it’s only one of the many ways that the OTW serves fandom. Whether you’re reading the latest volume of Transformative Works and Cultures or searching through Fanhackers’ fan studies bibliography, our research and reference is open and available to all. Through Open Doors and our Legal Advocacy, we preserve fanworks and protect the right to create and share what we love. And through Fanlore, we make sure you can write about it, so that fandom today is remembered tomorrow.

There’s no premium level to our projects, nor is there early access to unlock. Everything we do is available for everyone, regardless of who they are and what they do. But the only way we can make this possible is through your generous donations.

In Naomi Novik’s Hugo Award acceptance speech on behalf of the Archive of Our Own, she extended her thanks to everyone who helps make our work possible, from the founders and volunteers through to the users who create, comment, and leave kudos on our works every day. She also thanked our donors, and we’d like to echo that now, and invite you to contribute and help us to continue providing open fannish spaces to all who would create and share. Any donation of US$10 or more will also give you the option of becoming a member of the OTW for the next year, allowing you to help further shape the future of what we do through our annual elections.

Want to celebrate our projects and accomplishments even more? We’ve got some great thank-you gifts to show off your love. More on those coming soon.


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