Thanks for Your Support!

Good news, everybody: we did it! The April membership drive has come to an end, and together we surpassed our fundraising goal of US$130,000. In fact, 9966 donors from 86 countries helped us raise a grand total of US$245,655.00. This is our most successful membership drive ever, and we are stunned and grateful for your support. Thank you so much!

These funds will play a vital role in supporting the OTW and all its projects—Fanlore, Legal Advocacy, Open Doors, Transformative Works and Cultures, and AO3—allowing us to continue our mission to preserve fanworks, fan culture and fan history. Your support is enormously important, and we are so grateful to every person who donated, signal boosted, and cheered us on. You’re the best!

If you missed the drive but would still like to contribute, we accept donations year-round.

  1. MaleficentGirl commented:

    Well, I’m not surprised.
    After the Tumblr-Purge it was pretty clear we needed to do something to keep at least a part of our fan-culture intact.
    Giving AO3 the financial freedom seemed like a good start.

  2. Jacalyn Newman commented:

    My budget is tight, but AO3 is my library, so I see that membership fee/donation as a very inexpensive library card. I’ve traveled the galaxy and had all sorts of amazing adventures in numerous lives and times. A membership fee for that sort of travel experience is a bargain!

  3. Ar Jemar Abdullah commented:

    Well. its good to help others if we donate for charity, love and/or support.

  4. Marisa commented:

    How encouraging! Wonderful job everyone!