Thanks for Participating in International Fanworks Day 2023

We here at the Organization for Transformative Works would like to sincerely thank everyone who joined us this year in recognizing the ninth annual International Fanworks Day. IFD is a celebration of everything that makes fandom great, and all of this year’s participants certainly demonstrated that with your enthusiasm! Whether you contributed on AO3, Fanlore, social media, or Discord, we’re so grateful that you joined us for this year’s festivities.

Our theme this year was When Fandoms Collide, honoring crossovers and fandom fusions. Be sure to check out everyone’s contributions in the International Fanworks Day 2023 tag on AO3 and using the tags #IFD2023 and #IFDChallenge2023 on social media! We hope you feel as inspired as we are by all of our participants’ creativity and choices of fandom mashups.

We also encouraged you to post recs of your favorite crossovers and fandom fusions in our Feedback Fest in the days leading up to IFD. Kudos to all of those who took the opportunity to share the fanworks that inspire them!

For a nonstop 30 hours between February 14 and 16, many of you joined OTW volunteers for our annual chatroom games marathon on Discord. All of our volunteer moderators greatly enjoyed getting to know you and moderating our traditional games like Linkee, That’s Life, and Trivial Pursuit! As usual, all of the filk participating fans created as part of our Lyrics Round Robin games are now available on the IFD AO3 account.

Aside from activities run by the OTW, there have been fan community events going on elsewhere, such as Hyuta Bingo, SHINee Archive, and SuperMFest. If you know of any others, link them here in the comments!

Finally, there’s still a chance to get in on the fun over at Fanlore, whose IFD 2023 Fanlore Challenge will continue to run until Sunday, February 19. The challenge features a new editing task every day and welcomes both new and experienced editors to join in and win shiny profile badges!


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