Thanks for Participating in International Fanworks Day 2022

Another International Fanworks Day has gone by and once again, we at the Organization for Transformative Works are grateful for the enthusiasm and participation of our visitors. IFD is all about celebrating the creativity of the fandom community and it was on full display this year!

The theme for #IFD2022 was Fandom Classics, and we encouraged you to post remixes of or tributes to classic fanworks as well as to to recommend your favorite fandom classics in our Feedback Fest. We’re blown away by the number of recommendations we received: easily enough fanworks to keep us busy until IFD 2023.

We’d also like to thank everybody who participated in our chatroom games marathon, which ran from 21.00 UTC on February 14 until 03.00 UTC on February 16. Once again, we hosted the games on our dedicated Discord server and our volunteer moderators were entertained, amused, and impressed by the cheerful enthusiasm of everybody who participated (including the very many people who chose to play games instead of sleeping – we’re sorry!). As usual, the fandom songs produced in the Lyrics Round Robin game rounds can be found at our dedicated IFD AO3 account.

If you didn’t manage to participate in any of the above events, don’t worry: the Fanlore IFD challenge will be running until Sunday, February 20th, with a different editing challenge each day. It’s suitable for new and experienced editors alike, so check it out and join in!


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