Thanks for Participating in International Fanworks Day 2021

That’s right: International Fanworks Day is over for another year, and we at the Organization for Transformative Works want to thank everybody who participated in our scheduled events.

This year we chose to focus on lesser-known fandoms, characters, pairings and fanworks. We’re grateful for everybody who created new works on this theme and posted them on social media under the #IFDChallenge2021 hashtag, or on Archive of Our Own using our International Fanworks Day 2021 tag. Make sure to go and check out everyone’s creations: you might find a new fandom, encounter a new pairing or be introduced to a character you’ve never considered before.

In the days before IFD we hosted a Feedback Fest, asking fans to recommend their favourite works on the ‘lesser-known’ theme. Thank you to everybody for your suggestions and ideas! We hope all the fanwork creators are feeling the love.

Thank you, too, to everybody who participated in our chatroom games marathon, which ran for 30 hours across February 15 (to allow for the many timezones that the OTW’s users inhabit!). We hosted this on Discord for the first time in 2021, but although the venue was new, the enthusiasm and creativity of the users who joined in was very familiar. Our volunteer moderators had a great time hosting you. We’re also glad to report that as promised, the results of our Lyrics Round Robin sessions have been immortalised on the IFD AO3 account.

If you didn’t manage to participate in any of the above events, don’t worry! The last event of IFD is still running. Fanlore’s 2021 editing challenge will end on February 21. You still have a chance to earn a shiny 80s-themed virtual badge!


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