Thanks for Participating in #IFD2024

International Fanworks Day is a celebration of so many things we love about fandom. Whether you contributed on AO3, Fanlore, social media, or Discord, we’re delighted that you’ve joined in for the 10th year of this special day.

Be sure to check out everyone’s contributions in the International Fanworks Day 2024 tag on AO3 and using the tag #IFD2024 on social media. We have also had over 120 contributions to Feedback Fest on AO3 and at the OTW website, so stop by and add your own. Our OTW Tumblr mod has also been keeping up with many rec lists posted there.

So far over 55,000 people have taken the IFD 10th year survey. The survey will remain open until February 19th if you haven’t yet taken part.

For 30 hours between February 14 and 16, many of you joined OTW volunteers for our annual chatroom games marathon on Discord. As usual, all of the filk participating fans created as part of our Lyrics Round Robin games is now available on the IFD AO3 account.

Finally, there’s still a chance to get in on the fun over at Fanlore, whose IFD 2024 Fanlore Challenge will continue to run until February 18th.

We hope to see many of you back next year to celebrate our activities in fandom once again. And aside from activities run by the OTW, some of the other fandom group events are still going on. If you know of any others, link them here in the comments!

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