Thanks for Celebrating IFD 2019!

International Fanworks Day 2019 has come to an end. We are absolutely thrilled with the response and celebrations we have witnessed on this fifth anniversary of IFD! Here’s a look at how it all went down:

Fanlore sent out their second annual week-long editing challenge. If you missed it, don’t worry–the folks over at Fanlore can always use more hands from those fans who wish to add to the collective pool of knowledge in the fandom wiki.

The OTW’s call for submissions to the topic “What Fanworks Mean to Me” produced some very heartening responses. Check out the What Fanworks Mean to Me post to see more, and keep the ball rolling by mentioning #WhatFanworksMeanToMe on social media.

IFDrabble was a success! There are over 100 submissions under the International Fanworks Day 2019 tag on AO3. If you’re looking for some quick and hilarious fanworks, then go check out how different fans have interpreted the prompt “characters and/or celebrities discover new fandoms.”

A huge thank you to everyone who has commented and posted recommendations as a part of Feedback Fest. As of the time of this writing, there are over 300 comments recommending and discussing people’s favourite fanworks. If you haven’t done so yet, go visit the comments on the Feedback Fest post for recommendations to your favourite fandoms–and maybe some new ones, too!

The games and fan chat was more popular than ever! We had OTW volunteers moderating for this 29-hour party where fans joined to participate in the games. Below are excerpts from the Lyrics Round Robin and Poetry Round Robin games. Fans brought some incredible enthusiasm and creativity to the table, and shoutout to the guest MiraculousReader for being a powerhouse of ad lib song lyrics and poetry!

Lyrics Round Robin:

To the tune of “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers

Coming out of my page
and I’ve been attacked by fans
gotta write it down
because fans read it all
fic started out with a kiss
how did i get to this?
it was only a ship, only a ship
now I’m falling asleep
at the keyboard again
while the fans rage on
and im taking a nap
now my characters are all dead
and my beta is sick
all ideas in my head
but i cant write it down
Now, the ship has gone angst
now, let it sink

To the tune of “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes

It’s keeping me awake
I can’t eat sleep or drink
I gotta read about it
Every single author’s got a story to tell
Fandoms from the popular
to the obscure
But I can’t stop thinking about it
no matter how hard I try

It’s the only thing keeping me alive, fanfic sites are my home

I’m gonna switch it off,
or maybe just another line or two
Far from wattpad evermore
Or maybe five fics more
And I’m reading, and I’m reading, and I’m reading
Now my eyes are sore
All the words are gonna fill me up
Kudos and comments evermore

To the tune of “Summer of ‘69” by Bryan Adams

I saw my first real fanvid
It was for a small fandom
Left a comment on it, ‘god i love this video!’
I watched until I flooded with tears
It was the summer of 2018

Me and some friends from tumblr
had a fandom and we blogged real hard
One left for Instagram, One left for deviantart
my ship sank, my head-cannon got blasted

Oh when i remember our OTPs
Those ships seemed to last forever
They seemed so strong together
And if i was the writer
The ship would’ve become canon

To the tune of “My Immortal,” by Evanescence

This ink won’t seem to flow
this block is just too real
there’s so much backspace cannot erase

when I cried, the keyboard collected all my tears
characters scream and fight through all their fears
and I wrote this fic through all of these years
author still has all of me

Poetry Round Robin:

Winged fire creature,
That is burning down Laketown,
Cumberbatch, so hot.

When a writer and symbiote meet,
The readers are in for a treat,
He’ll whip out his tongue,
Keep an eye on your young,
For he might think them so sweet.

A boy with no quirk
still wants to be a hero
but already is

When Thanos snapped his finger you were gone.
I did not know what to do without you,
I never got to hear your final song.
I have been in love with you all along.
Tell me how did I end up with this life?
Tell me how to say goodbye to you now,
I had the best time with you in the past.
The sun is now setting and I’m alone,
I’d do anything I could to fix this.
My heart is broken without you here now,
I can’t function without you by my side.
Only memories keep our hearts alive,
in this empty world I scream for the lost,
Yet I still hope to see you come morning.

paladin whose name was Keith
had kept his sword in a sheath
His lion was red
he fought till he bled
then knocked out all of his teeth

A three-patch problem arrives at his door,
Uninviting, painted black, an old wooden door.
Difficulties posing as opportunities knock on the door,
Hiding his genius the quaint little door.
Sherlock smiles, the game’s afoot,
Prowling mysteries afoot.
the culprit is found at home,
red stained hands at home,
Mrs. Hudson beckons home
two chairs and hot tea at home


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