Thank You

Our April 2016 drive has come to an end, and we’d like to thank you for your support! It’s because of you that we can do more than ever in 2016: grow our projects, increase our outreach, and help our teams thrive. With your help, we will be a stronger organization, better able to support what matters most—you, our community.

Together we raised US$ 97,155.54 from 4095 individual donations. To the 970 new members of the Organization for Transformative Works: Welcome! To our returning members: we’re so grateful for your ongoing support! None of what we do would be possible without you. Everyone at the OTW would also like to acknowledge the volunteers who have worked behind the scenes to make this drive run smoothly.

Whether it was by signal-boosting, sending words of encouragement, or donating, if at any point throughout the years your voice has helped bring us to where we are today, thank you.

(And of course, while this drive may be over, you can help the OTW at any time!)


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