Take the #IFD2024 Survey!

As part of celebrating International Fanworks Day for the 10th year, we are curious to know how many of you are out there looking for fanworks and creating fanworks of various kinds. We got a great response to the survey we ran for our 16th Anniversary last September and are hoping many of you will want to participate.

This survey asks 12 ticky box or multiple choice questions and does not ask for any identifying information. All users will be anonymous. We ask that only those 18 or over take the survey.


In honor of IFD’s 10th year, the survey will be open for 10 days (closing on February 19 at 23:59 UTC). We will be sharing the results of the survey in a public report in March.

We hope you find taking the survey interesting! Please help us spread the news that it is available by sharing the link to this post and using the #IFD2024 tag in your fandom spaces!

  1. Princess commented:

    Just took the survey. FYI I was very sad that you all stopped announcing anything on Dreamwidth. Now I just read the RSS feed on Dreamwidth.