In Practice: Vidding

The new issue of Camera Obscura: a journal of Feminism, Culture, and Media Studies published by Duke University Press, features a special section on vidding consisting of essays written by various current and former OTW staffers Kristina Busse, Francesca Coppa, Alexis Lothian, and Rebecca Tushnet.

The essays in the section include: (the link goes to the abstract; full text is not yet available on this site for nonsubscribers.)

* Francesca Coppa, An Editing Room of One’s Own: Vidding as Women’s Work

* Francesca Coppa and Rebecca Tushnet, How to Suppress Women’s Remix

* Kristina Busse and Alexis Lothian, Scholarly Critiques and Critiques of Scholarship: The Uses of Remix Video

TWC Editor Karen Hellekson Talks About Research Ethics on

Karen Hellekson, co-editor of Transformative Works and Cultures, has a guest post on Fandom Research, a new blog which aims to be “a clearing-house for surveys, questionnaires, theses, dissertations, and other research pertinent to the active field of fandom studies.” Karen’s post is called, “Fandom research methods,” and deals not only with academic standards like those of university or college institutional review boards (IRB) or The Association of Internet Researchers but also about fannish community standards for personal privacy: when its appropriate to quote, whether a LiveJournal or blog post is “public” or not, etc. Aca-fans and other fandom researchers and fanthropologists should check out both the post and this site.