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OTW Fannews: Building on the Past

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Although many an article speculated about the future of Mad Men‘s characters, it was The Washington Post who looked into what would happen to the the fandom’s RPG twitter accounts. “[A]t least one Roger Sterling (@RogerSterlingNY) has no intention of quitting: ‘Yeah, I’ve got tons of thoughts. Writing Roger has been a big part of my life for years now. He’ll go on, spouting wisdom and snark.’ Sterling — who also tweets as one of the more active Peggy accounts (@PeggyOlsonMCWW) — plans to continue in character, noting the stellar tweets of @WillMcAvoyACN, a spot-on Twitter account based on the Jeff Daniels character from Aaron Sorkin’s HBO show, ‘The Newsroom,’ who regularly engages in political Twitter debates. One is tempted to believe that it’s actually the work of Sorkin himself.”

Transformative Works and Cultures Releases Issue No. 18

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Transformative Works and Cultures, issue number 18, “Performance and Performativity in Fandom,” guest edited by Lucy Bennett (Cardiff University) and Paul J. Booth (DePaul University), has been released. This special issue focuses on performance as it relates to fandom and comprises scholarly research articles, personal essays, interviews, and book reviews.

International Fanworks Day is Here!

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It’s now February 15th in our earliest timezones, which means International Fanworks Day is here! Today is the first annual day to celebrate fanwork of all kinds. Below we have a few things listed that the OTW is sponsoring or connected to but we’d like you to let us know, in comments, about other events and activities you’re aware of so that we can signal boost them.

OTW Fannews: Remembering the past

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At The Atlantic, Courtney Klauser discussed her education in social networks thanks to fandom. “Looking back, I most miss the personal anonymity; an online existence without photography or video, a time when it was normal not to use your real name, when people could interact without demographic data being harvested for advertisers or shuffling people into neat demographic categories in the name of improved user experience…Yet the online world where I first encountered the pleasures of fan culture no longer exists at all.”

OTW Fannews: Fanfiction around the world

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The Hindu featured an article on writer Shreya Prabhu Jindal who discussed her start in fanfic. “Most of the audience members were eager to know how Shreya, in her early twenties, managed to write a book at such a young age. Shreya, an English teacher at Vasant Valley School, began writing when she was 13. As a young girl and a budding writer, she discovered fan fiction, and ever since, has written in that genre, relatively unknown in India. ‘A lot of my writing is inspired by fan fiction. I visualise stories as scenes and there are cliff hangers in my stories.'”