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AO3 Is Always Free to Use

In the past few weeks, the Archive of Our Own’s Support Committee has been receiving a number of requests for assistance with an app that creates a paywall block after more than one hour of daily reading. We have no control over this (or any) mobile app, and do not approve of any paywalling of AO3 content. This is not the first time users have had problems with unofficial apps. For various reasons, the Archive is not developing a mobile app, so any app you may find available is unofficial and might even pose a security risk to use. The AO3 site is always free… Read more

OTW Fannews: Commercial Opportunities

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Airlock Alpha posted Ann Morris’ discussion of What Mainstreaming Of Fandom Has Done For Me. Namedropping the OTW’s Fanlore, she notes that tech advances have helped her follow her fannish interests despite having low vision problems. “I have low vision, and it used to be super annoying to go to the library and try to find large-print science-fiction books. The people who published large-print books didn’t seem to think that anyone with low vision would be interested in those weirdo books with the rocket ship on the spine. Here’s a pet peeve which is fortunately a thing of the past. The Science Fiction Book Club and the Large Print Book Club were owned by the same company. And yet, they did not publish any science-fiction books in large print. Augh!”

Contribute to Fanworks Taught Me

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In July, the OTW joined with The Harry Potter Alliance (HPA) and fans from around the world to promote their Fan Works Are Fair Use (FWAFU) campaign. Part of the OTW’s mission since its founding has been to support transformative works that manifest as fanfiction, fanart, fan films, discussion communities, cosplay and other forms of fannish creativity. With the HPA, we are working to build a community of 5,000 fans and fan creators interested in protecting all types of fan-made works.

OTW’s 2014 Annual Report Now Available

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We are pleased to announce that the OTW has published its 2014 Annual Report (available in PDF or in HTML). The report provides a summary of our activities during the past financial and calendar year, our financial statements for 2014, and our goals for 2015. This is the eighth annual report of the OTW (see previous reports).

The 2014 Annual Report highlights successes and achievements from across the organization and challenges we faced during the year. We encourage all those interested to take a look at the report and, if you have questions, please feel free to contact us here or through our contact form.

Thank you to all of our members, staff, donors and volunteers for your support!

OTW Fannews: Fandom Advice

OTW Fannews Banner Fandom Advice by Bremo

One fanfiction reader turned writer based on his wife’s advice as reported by Houma Today. “Nearly 15 years ago, Caldwell discovered online discussion boards and began reading fan fiction… Barbara, his wife of 16 years, inquired about his reading material. ‘He said it was Jane Austen fan fiction, and he explained it to me… He told me about the stories out there, and he would critique them. As we were reading them, he kept saying ‘They missed it.’ or ‘They left this hole here.’ Finally, I had enough of that, and I said ‘Prove it. Prove that you can write better.'”