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Releases 0.9.360 – 0.9.368: Change Log

Between February and May, we deployed a host of enhancements, bug fixes, and performance improvements. This included measures to combat spam and abuse, a fix that drastically reduced the size of PDF downloads containing Chinese, Japanese, or Korean characters, and a big Rails upgrade. Many thanks to first-time contributor Saphron! Credits Coders: Albert Pedersen, alien, Bilka, Brian Austin, Ceithir, Claire C, EchoEkhi, Eliah Hecht, irrationalpie, Ivedonestranger, james_, Potpotkettle, Saphron, Sarken, warlockmel, weeklies Code reviewers: Bilka, Brian Austin, Ceithir, EchoEkhi, printfn, redsummernight, Sarken, ticking instant, weeklies Testers: Anh P, Bilka, Brian Austin, Claire C, Claire P Baker, dazyndara, intyalote, Jenni D., Jennifer D2, Keladry, lydia-theda, Maine,… Read more