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OTW Anniversary Challenge now closed

Thanks to everyone who’s taken part in our anniversary celebrations! We’ll be contacting winners over the next 72 hours. If you have not heard from us by September 10 and you linked us to all three of your reposts and two challenge entries, please contact us and give us the URLs to those 5 posts along with the email you want the invite sent to.

Help Us Celebrate Our 5th Birthday!

This week the OTW is reaching a milestone. On September 5, 2012 we’ll be celebrating five years as the Organization for Transformative Works, and we’re hoping that you’ll join us in celebrating our various projects and organization history! Starting at 23:00 UTC on September 4, we’re going to hold trivia and participation contests across our various OTW News outlets. In order to give you more choice about how, when, and where to participate, these contests will vary by site and will appear across multiple timezones. So if you read this news on Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal, Dreamwidth or the website you will be seeing different… Read more

Lolcats! March 2009

These Lolcats were created to promote our fund-raising and membership drive in March 2009. Feel free to use them — just copy the html below the image and paste into your website or journal! <a href=”″><img src=”/wp-content/uploads/old/bukkit-small.jpg” alt=”OTW: DMCAing ur bukkit?” /></a> <a href=”″><img src=”/wp-content/uploads/old/moar$$$.jpg” alt=”OTW: moar $$$ plz kthx” /></a> <a href=”″><img src=”/wp-content/uploads/old/transformativekitteh-footer.jpg” alt=”OTW: transformative kitteh” /></a> <a href=”″><img src=”/wp-content/uploads/old/renewaltiem-footer.jpg” alt=”OTW: membership renewal tiem nao?” /></a> <a href=”″><img src=”/wp-content/uploads/old/serverbill-nofooter-small.jpg” alt=”OTW: goin to pay server bill brb” /></a> <a href=”″><img src=”/wp-content/uploads/old/serverbill-footer.jpg” alt=”OTW: goin to pay server bill brb” /></a> <a href=”″><img src=”/wp-content/uploads/old/future.jpg” alt=”OTW thinkin bout da future” /></a> <a href=”″><img src=”/wp-content/uploads/old/smugcat.jpg” alt=”smug cat donated to… Read more