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Resignation of OTW Director

The Organization for Transformative Works (OTW) Board of Directors is saddened to announce that Jess White has resigned from her role as a Director for personal reasons. Jess was elected to her seat in 2020 and her resignation is effective as of the 5th of November 2022. As her term was set to end in a few months, her seat will be left open until next year’s OTW elections. We would like to thank Jess for her service as a member of the Board and for her many years as an OTW volunteer. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

A Statement on Malicious Email Attacks Against OTW Volunteers

Since May 3rd, the Organization for Transformative Works (OTW) — the nonprofit behind AO3, Fanlore, and other projects — has been dealing with malicious attacks aimed at the organization and its volunteers. We wanted to share with you some of what’s been happening, as well as what we’re doing to contain it, and how it may affect our response times to your inquiries and our workload in general. Above all, we need to ask for your patience, because these are complicated times for all of us at the OTW. An unknown attacker has been sending our volunteers threatening emails with illegal child sexual abuse material… Read more

Election Candidate Chats and Q&A Roundup 2020

The Elections season is in full swing! This post has links to the candidates’ answers to your questions. Chats There will be two public chats, both of which will last 90 minutes. Each of them will have three candidates in attendance. Chats will take place in our public chatroom. They are scheduled for: Saturday, August 1, at 0:00 UTC – Nicole Abraham, Tyme LaDow, Zoë Tucker (What time is Chat 1 where I live?) Sunday, August 2, at 12:00 UTC – Alex Tischer, Jess White, Kati Eggert (What time is Chat 2 where I live?) During these chats, chat attendees will have the opportunity to… Read more

Statement from the OTW Board of Directors, Chairs, & Leads

In recent weeks, there have been intense conversations about long-standing issues with racism in fandom, as well as the Organization for Transformative Works (OTW) and Archive of Our Own (AO3)’s roles in this problem. We have received valid criticism for not showing our commitment earlier and numerous requests to clarify our position. We would therefore like to take a moment to address our users and fandom at large. The OTW stands against racism and discrimination in all its forms. We apologize to anyone who has suffered from our inaction in making the OTW and AO3 a better environment for Black fans and fans of color…. Read more

Five Things Jessie Casiulis Said

Every month or so the OTW will be doing a Q&A with one of its volunteers about their experiences in the organization. The posts express each volunteer’s personal views and do not necessarily reflect the views of the OTW or constitute OTW policy. Today’s post is with Jessie Casiulis, who volunteers as a member of the Board of Directors. How does what you do as a volunteer fit into what the OTW does? I currently have three hats in the OTW: Board Director, Translation Staff, and Volunteer Tag Wrangler. On the Board of Directors, my role is to help run the Organization. My fellow directors… Read more