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October Drive – Celebrating the Archive of Our Own

The Archive of Our Own has had an exciting year. We bought shiny, shiny servers (of our own!) in September 2009, allowing us to move out of closed beta and share the wonderful fruits of our coders’ and testers’ labor with the rest of fandom! Since entering Open Beta on 15 November 2009, we’ve had a dizzying succession of exciting achievements! To list just a few… We’ve introduced tons of awesome features, both big and small: the ability to backdate a work, new options for bookmarking and reccing, skins, mobile downloads, tools for running collections and challenges, and many, many more! We saw two successful… Read more

Karen Hellekson Explains What’s So Great About TWC

TWC editor Karen Hellekson explains in Breaking the primacy of print, her post to TWC’s new Symposium Blog, exactly what’s so awesome about the OTW’s online, peer reviewed journal Transformative Works and Cultures, and why traditional academia needs to adopt more of our values: high quality peer-reviewed multimedia content presented to all, for free, under an open access, Creative Commons license. (And that’s just the beginning!)

“Educational and creative purposes?” or “Hacking and other threats?”

The OTW has been told that laptops in the UK distributed to lower income people by Comet through the Home Access scheme come with site-blocking software that adult users can’t turn off. Categories of blocked sites include: “Social Networking, Drug/Violant natured [sic] and Adult content websites”: in practice, this means no LiveJournal, Facebook, Twitter, or (you can still get to the AO3 though!); sites like the EFF (blocked as “hacking and other threats”) as well as many feminist and GLBTQ sites (“adult”) are also blocked. Ironically, the UK government’s own Digital Inclusion report recommends public initiatives to encourage the use of social networking software… Read more

Happy Ada Lovelace Day from Accessibility, Design and Technology

Accessibility, Design and Technology would like to wish you a happy Ada Lovelace Day! As the committee responsible for designing and building the Archive of Our Own, one of the largest female majority open source projects on the web, we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to celebrate women in technology. The first code for the Archive of Our Own was committed in January 2008. Some stats for the lifetime of the project: 73669 lines of code 30 different people committing code 2238 code commits 276 people involved with the Archive in some capacity (as coders, testers, tag wranglers, or support team members) – not all… Read more

Happy Ada Lovelace Day 2010!

The OTW wants to wish you Happy Ada Lovelace Day! The OTW is an overwhelmingly female organization whose major projects include the design and development of the Archive Of Our Own, which may be the largest, majority female open source software project on the web. (They’ll be making their own post later today!) We also administer and maintain a number of production servers, content management systems, and other software packages, including MediaWiki, the software that runs Fanlore, OJS, the open source journal software we use to run Transformative Works and Cultures, CiviCRM, the constituent relationship management system we use to manage our Development and Membership… Read more