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June 2024 Newsletter, Volume 190

I. SPOTLIGHT ON FANLORE The Fanlore annual bingo was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who took part and awarded badges, and special thanks to Chimaera and FaalThien for their mythical creature and illuminated manuscript themed graphics. Fanlore’s Fandom in Color event runs all throughout July! The celebration highlights beloved characters of color, the contributions made by fans of color to fandom, and more. Check out Fanlore’s Tumblr and Twitter for spotlighted pages. II. AT THE AO3 Systems worked with Support and others to investigate reports about slow access in some regions. They believe this issue should be resolved now, but if you still have… Read more

February 2024 Newsletter, Volume 186

I. TWC FANS OF COLOR RESEARCH PRIZE TWC recently announced their new Fans of Color Research Prize. The award recognizes the best peer-reviewed article about fans and/or fandoms of color published in Transformative Works and Cultures in the preceding 3 years (currently no earlier than 2021) and furthers the journal’s goal to support scholars whose work fills critical gaps in fan studies literature about racially marginalized and/or non-western fans. The winner will receive a $500 cash prize. Please feel free to disseminate the prize widely and nominate qualifying articles! In addition, TWC is putting the finishing touches on their upcoming special issue on Fandoms and… Read more

November 2020 Newsletter, Volume 152

I. AO3 MILESTONES November was a big month for the AO3! Tag Wrangling canonized the AO3’s 40,000th fandom and celebrated with a post that explained ways that wranglers organize tags to help AO3 users make decisions about how to tag their fanworks. Two weeks later, the AO3 also reached 3 million registered users and made another post to thank AO3 users for their contributions and to summarize some of the benefits of registering an account.

October 2020 Newsletter, Volume 151

I. PAST AND UPCOMING EVENTS The OTW’s October Membership Drive, “Growing Together”, was a success! This Drive was unique in that it did not focus on a monetary goal but instead encouraged donors to become members of the OTW or renew their OTW memberships, which will allow them to vote in the next OTW Board of Directors election in August. Thanks to the Drive, 2660 new members across 69 countries were registered, raising a total of US$89,688.51 for the OTW. Thanks so much to everyone who donated and signal boosted! The Drive was coordinated by Development & Membership and advertised as news posts with help… Read more

September 2020 Newsletter, Volume 150

I. THREE ARCHIVE IMPORTS COMPLETED! The Open Doors project is delighted to announce the completion of three online archive imports to the AO3 during the month of September! Check out the AO3 collections for Least Expected, Obidala Network, and TER/MA to see all of the newly imported works. Special thanks to Tag Wrangling with their assistance manually importing Least Expected! The Open Doors Committee is already hard at work on more upcoming imports and hopes to complete more imports in the near future.