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What We’re Doing for #IFD2024

This February 15th will mark the 10th annual International Fanworks Day! In honour of IFD, the OTW will be hosting several events. Which ones will you take part in? 1. 10 Things About Fandom A couple of weeks ago, we sent out a call for essay contributions telling us about ten things that mean the most to you about fandom, or a highlight about the past ten years you’ve spent in fandom, or about ten funny, exciting or noteworthy moments that happened in your fandoms. If you haven’t written a post yet you can still share your experiences on social media with the tag #IFD2024!… Read more

International Fanworks Day 2024 is Coming Soon!

Time flies! We’re already celebrating the tenth anniversary of International Fanworks Day (IFD) here at the Organization for Transformative Works. Every February 15th, on the day when, ten years ago, AO3 celebrated its millionth published fanwork, fandom gathers to celebrate IFD and fanworks in all their forms—fics, art, vids, zines, meta, and more—and their importance in and across fannish communities all over the world. We would love to hear about your experience in fandom—as a fan, as a creator, as a member of the community. The running theme for this IFD is 10: give us your ten things that mean the most to you about… Read more

Thanks for Participating in International Fanworks Day 2023

We here at the Organization for Transformative Works would like to sincerely thank everyone who joined us this year in recognizing the ninth annual International Fanworks Day. IFD is a celebration of everything that makes fandom great, and all of this year’s participants certainly demonstrated that with your enthusiasm! Whether you contributed on AO3, Fanlore, social media, or Discord, we’re so grateful that you joined us for this year’s festivities. Our theme this year was When Fandoms Collide, honoring crossovers and fandom fusions. Be sure to check out everyone’s contributions in the International Fanworks Day 2023 tag on AO3 and using the tags #IFD2023 and… Read more

It’s International Fanworks Day 2023!

For anyone who’s missed our earlier posts, here’s a rundown on all the other International Fanwork Day events! The OTW’s chatroom games session is a 30-hour party that lasts from 21.00 UTC on 14 February until 03.00 UTC on 16 February. The times listed below are in UTC, but you can click the time to find out how that converts to your own timezone. The games will be hosted on our dedicated Discord server and moderated by OTW volunteers throughout the day. Every hour you will be able to participate in a different fandom-themed game! The timetable and game descriptions are given below; if you… Read more

International Fanworks Day Feedback Fest 2023

Welcome to the International Fanworks Day Feedback Fest for 2023! With over 200,000 works on the Archive to date and countless opportunities to get creative with our favorite characters and settings, Crossovers & Fandom Fusions are among AO3’s most popular tropes. We shared in January that the theme of this year’s IFD is When Fandoms Collide, and we invited you to prepare lists of recommendations of your favorite crossovers and fandom fusions. Today, we’re excited to see what you’ve come up with! To participate, leave a comment below sharing what you love about your recommended crossovers and fandom fusions. Are you impressed by their originality?… Read more