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Thanks for Participating in International Fanworks Day 2022

Another International Fanworks Day has gone by and once again, we at the Organization for Transformative Works are grateful for the enthusiasm and participation of our visitors. IFD is all about celebrating the creativity of the fandom community and it was on full display this year! The theme for #IFD2022 was Fandom Classics, and we encouraged you to post remixes of or tributes to classic fanworks as well as to to recommend your favorite fandom classics in our Feedback Fest. We’re blown away by the number of recommendations we received: easily enough fanworks to keep us busy until IFD 2023. We’d also like to thank… Read more

It’s International Fanworks Day 2022!

Hurray! It’s International Fanworks Day, our annual opportunity to celebrate all things fanworks and fandom. As is now traditional every February 15, the OTW will be celebrating with a chatroom games marathon, hosted on Discord: you can find all the details below. And remember to check out our previous post for details of the rest of our #IFD2022 celebrations! About the IFD games session The OTW’s chatroom games session is a 30-hour party that lasts from 21.00 UTC on 14 February until 03.00 UTC on 16 February. The times listed below are in UTC, but you can click the time to find out how that… Read more

International Fanworks Day Feedback Fest 2022

We’ve all built our own personal canons -– the fics, vids, art and other works that we love and go back to, time and time again. In January, we told you the theme of this year’s International Fanworks Day was Fandom Classics, and we asked you to start compiling the fanworks that you consider to be essential reading, viewing or listening. Now the time has come, and we’d love to see what you’ve come up with! This post is where you can share all the works you view as classics of your favorite fandoms. These could be works that have inspired fandoms of their own,… Read more

What We’re Doing for #IFD2022

It’s only a week until the eighth International Fanworks Day and we at the Organization for Transformative Works have a whole lot in store for you all! Please take a look at the events below and join in the fun. 1. Fanworks Challenge Our theme for this year’s IFD is ‘fandom classics’ and in a post made last month, we invited you to participate by creating fanworks which riff on, remix, or otherwise pay tribute to works that you consider classics of your favorite fandom. You could even write meta about your favourite pieces! We invite you to share your creations using the hashtag #IFD2022… Read more

International Fanworks Day 2022 is Coming Soon

Get ready: International Fanworks Day is only one month away! International Fanworks Day, or IFD, was founded in 2014 by the OTW. It’s a celebration of all types of fanworks, and it’s held annually on February 15. This year we’re celebrating the 8th annual IFD! Here at the OTW, our theme this year is going to be Classic Fanworks and we’re letting you define “classic” however you want to. It could mean those works that have formed the backbone of your fandom, or it could be those works that you keep going back to, time and time again –- the works that you consider “essential… Read more