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IFD2024: What is Your Fandom Doing?

We’re excited to announce that we’ve started working on the next International Fanworks Day (IFD) – an important occasion, since we’ll be celebrating its tenth year! We’re so happy to celebrate this milestone and this event with you, and we’d really like to hear about your community events. International Fanworks Day, celebrated on February 15, was created by the OTW in 2014 in honor of the one millionth published fanwork on AO3. It’s our way to remember and recognize the importance of fanworks – no matter what form they come in – for their impact on our culture, on our relationships within fandom, on how… Read more

Official Information About the OTW

As some readers know, 2023 had some unexpected events and the OTW needed to keep fans in the loop as to what was happening with our site stability and what steps we were taking to come back online. When this occurred, many fans did not realize that there were social media accounts they could follow to get more information. During that time, some bad actors decided to take advantage of fans by pretending to represent us while soliciting donations during the time when our actual donation form was not accessible. The best way to check whether a social media account is official is to visit… Read more

Celebrating the OTW’s 16th Anniversary

The Organization for Transformative Works turns 16 today! We are very happy to be able to celebrate another year with you all. The OTW was born to serve fans and protect fan history and culture in all its forms; it’s our mission in troubling times. Since its foundation, OTW has helped rescue hundreds of fanworks from at-risk archives and platforms, old and new, making them accessible to millions of users; it has advocated for fans in an ever-changing legal environment; it has preserved fan culture through a wiki that you can contribute to; it has published 39 issues of an international, peer-reviewed fan-studies journal; and… Read more

OTW Website and Donation Form Up!

As many fans are now aware, the OTW and its projects have been unavailable at different times since July 10. There is a post on AO3 News that discusses these events and also what is still disabled or turned off on that site and why. The DDoS actions affected all projects and sites except for Transformative Works and Cultures. However, as of this time, 18:00 UTC on July 13, Fanlore, Legal Advocacy, Open Doors, Fanhackers and our Elections site are all available. What is not yet available is our donation form, and at the moment we have no estimate for when it will be functional…. Read more

Where You Can Find Us

As many readers know, Twitter has been undergoing changes which are destabilizing the platform, and there have been reports of frustrating user experiences as services are reduced. This is leading some individuals and organizations to explore other social media options. The OTW has various accounts at Twitter for our individual projects as well as the OTW as a whole. We will be evaluating how Twitter fits into our news distribution efforts as the site changes continue. During this time of possible transitions, we are taking the opportunity to remind readers and followers both where else you can find us, as well as to caution fans… Read more