SysAdmin Day!

Graphic by Aga of the OTW logo and the logos for AO3, TWC, Open Doors and Fanlore

On SysAdmin Day, the OTW wants to salute the work of systems administrators everywhere for the hard (and sometimes thankless) work that they do. Celebrated for the first time in 2000, SysAdmin Day takes place on the last Friday in July.

We also want to highlight and thank our own staff for the work they do to support the OTW and our projects. For example, our Systems Committee maintains: the infrastructure that runs the Archive of Our Own, the site for Open Doors, the platforms that host both Transformative Works & Cultures and the Fanhackers blog. They’re also the committee that makes sure Fanlore‘s servers are running properly.

Internally, Systems also maintains: the servers that host our email, internal documents, and volunteer records. They also research what our tech needs are likely to be in coming years.

As you can see, they always have a lot to do! So, thank you, Systems monkeys, for your work 365 days each year! <3

  1. Priscilla Del Cima commented:

    Happy SysAdmin day, Systems! ♥ Thank you for your hard work keeping us all up and running 🙂