• Spotlight on Development & Membership

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    Having completed our most successful drive in OTW history, we'd like to spotlight the work of our Development & Membership Committee ("DevMem"). Among its many accomplishments in 2012, DevMem held two successful membership drives in April and October. The success of these drives, coupled with recurring donations, brought the total raised in 2012 to $90,600. Without the dedication and talent of the DevMem committee members, 2012 would not have been a record-setting year in fundraising. We were able to do a Q+A with two members of DevMem, Aja and Lesann, in the weeks before this drive despite their busy schedules!

  • OTW Fannews: What fanworks do

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    Spectacle: The Music Video is "the first museum exhibition to celebrate the art and history of the music video...the exhibition reveals the enormous influence music videos have had on contemporary culture over the past 35 years." Included in the exhibition are fan videos -- Killa and T. Jonesy's vid "Closer" and Luminosity's vid "Vogue". The exhibit opened on April 2 at the Museum of the Moving Image in NYC and continues until June 16.

  • Canadian Copyright Law Q&A - Part 2

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    This is the second in a series of Q&A posts with Graham Reynolds, a Canadian copyright scholar from Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The Q&A focuses on Bill C-11, which went into effect near the end of 2012 and made some significant changes to Canada's Copyright Act, some of which influence the way fanworks are treated under Canadian law. The first post, in which Graham answered questions about the general contours of the law and about the law of "fair dealing", is available here.

  • OTW Fannews: Fair Use and the Modern Fan

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    On the Media aired an episode on the Past, Present and Future of Ownership, which included a number of good stories, including discussion of the art piece 'DRM Chair' "that collapses after just eight uses." Host Brooke Gladstone concluded with an observation on the origins of the word 'property.' "Eight hundred years ago or so, property’s meaning was pretty much related to the essential nature of something, as in it’s the property of water to conform to the shape of the vessel it’s in. The fact is property didn’t come to mean possession until the 17th century...Now our world runs on property...Once we dwelled in a brick-and-mortar world. Now, as poet Kenneth Goldsmith observed, we swim in a digital ocean. The only certainty is that in such a fluid situation, 20 years hence, property will not mean what it means today." (Transcripts available)

  • OTW Fannews: Fandom ignited

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    The Japan Times talked about the anime industry catching up to the online revolution. "Today the despised former pirates at Crunchyroll.com — a now-legal multilingual Web portal for non-Japanese anime fans — are leading an industry revolution in content delivery and distribution, and Japanese producers are following their lead. Heavyweight veterans such as Toei, Bandai, Sunrise and others are scrambling to preview and offer their titles internationally via streaming sites like YouTube, Hulu, Niconico and Netflix. A new producer-collaborative streaming anime site, Daisuki, sponsored in part by one of the world’s largest advertising agencies, Dentsu, goes live in April. And a Japan-based site for videos about Japanese pop culture called Waoryu debuted last month."

  • Volunteer Recruiting: AO3 Documentation, Communications, and Tag Wranglers

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    We are pleased to announce that our first applications for new OTW volunteers are open! We have three roles from across the OTW in the first round:

    • AO3 Documentation Volunteer
    • Communications Staff (Media Outreach)
    • Tag Wrangler Volunteer
      Update 14 April 2013Due to the fantastic response from individuals interested in Tag Wrangling, we've temporarily closed the application while we train the over 50 volunteers who have already responded and get them settled in. We aim to reopen Tag Wrangler recruiting in mid-May.

    We have included more information on each role below. Open roles and applications will always be available at the volunteering page. If you don't see a role that fits with your skills and interests now, keep an eye on the listings. We plan to put up new applications every few weeks, and we will also publicize new roles as they become available.

    You may be wondering why you aren't seeing positions listed here that you know are open. Those committees are finalizing their position descriptions and training plans, and we will be posting those opportunities when they're ready.

    If you have any questions about volunteering for the OTW, please let us know through the Volunteers & Recruiting contact form.

  • Canadian Copyright Law Q&A - Part 1

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    Near the end of 2012, a law called Bill C-11 made some significant changes to Canada's Copyright Act, some of which influence the way fanworks are treated under Canadian law. With that in mind, we're bringing you a series of Q&A posts written by Graham Reynolds, an Assistant Professor at the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Graham teaches and researches in the areas of copyright law, intellectual property law, property law, and the intersection of intellectual property and human rights, so he's the perfect person to explain how the changes are likely to influence the law of fanworks in Canada.

    We posed a series of questions to Graham, and will be posting his answers in this space over the next couple of weeks. These answers aren't legal advice, and if you need specific legal advice Graham (and we) advise you to consult with a lawyer and/or send a query to the OTW Legal Committee.

    Today, Graham answers two questions: first about the general contours of the law, and second about the law of "fair dealing" (which is a like the U.S. concept of "fair use," but as explained below, is somewhat different) In the latter, Graham walks through the requirements of what it takes for a fanwork to be considered "fair dealing" under the law.

  • April Membership Drive: Thank you for your support!

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    The OTW’s April membership drive has officially concluded, and it was a wild success! Between April 3 and 9, we received 2,054 individual donations totaling US$53,243.99 — numbers that will grow once we’ve had a chance to count the donations sent via postal mail. That’s a nearly 39% increase over the amount raised in the April 2012 drive, which previously held the record for being our most successful drive ever.

    Even though the drive is over, the pace of incoming donations has barely slowed down. The total raised during the month of April is US$57,526 and still climbing.

    Thank you to all our members, donors, and to everyone who helped spread the word to make this drive such a spectacular success. We’re very grateful for your support. We’d like to extend a special thanks to the 1,266 people who became new OTW members by donating for the first time during this drive — welcome!

    We’d also like to thank all the OTW staffers and volunteers who supported the drive by writing and beta reading, posting and tweeting, responding to donor inquiries, designing graphics, sending e-mail blasts, monitoring donation receipts, and myriad other tasks. Thank you for making the drive possible.

    Like many other things in fandom, the OTW is a labor of love. It’s thanks to the support and dedication of fans like you that the OTW exists, and it’s your ongoing support that will enable us to continue serving fandom for years to come. On behalf of everyone at the OTW, and on behalf of all the fans who use our projects, thank you.

  • April Membership Drive: Final Day!

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    Today is the final day of the OTW's April 2013 membership drive, and we're thrilled to announce that it's already a record-breaking success!

    Since April 3, the first day of the drive, we've received more than 1,879 donations totaling more than US$48,508. That blows the record from the April 2012 drive (when we received 1,276 donations totaling US$38,379.50) out of the water.

    We're immensely grateful to everyone who has supported the drive so far. Thank you for sharing testimonials, reblogging and retweeting, and, of course, for your generous donations. This success is thanks to you.

    If you haven't participated in the drive yet, there's still time to show your support! The drive will continue through the end of the day on April 9 so please donate today to be part of the drive. However, if this time isn't a good one for you financially, you can also donate throughout the year to keep the OTW and its projects thriving into the future.

     Organization for Transformative Works Membership Drive, April 3-9
    <div style="text-align:center"><a href="http://transformativeworks.org/how-you-can-help/support"><img src="http://transformativeworks.org/sites/default/files/otwdrive042013.jpg" alt="Fandom Is Love: Organization for Transformative Works Membership Drive, April 3-9" /></a></div>

    Help share the love! Please repost this graphic by copying the code from the text box and pasting it into your blog or website.

  • April Membership Drive: Fanlore, a Love Story

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    A quick search for the term "love" on Fanlore brings up nearly 7,000 results. In comparison, the term "write" brings up just under 5,000 results, there are just over 2,000 uses of "vid," and "art" is mentioned roughly 6,500 times. This seems appropriate, as the heart of fandom is about loving something. We are fans because we pour our passion into something we love, whether it be a band, a video game, or a novel.

    In the age of the internet, one great way to say you love something — aside from 'i <3 u,' that is — is to create a wiki about it. Fanlore, OTW's wiki, is a living record of all things fannish, dynamic and regularly changing. The "stories" that reside on Fanlore are ones told by fans whose love for a genre, work, fandom activity, or moment in fan history led them to create an entry and tell the story in their own words. Fanlore itself is the story beneath the story: it is the fan-run support structure that allows these stories to be stored and accessed by other fans.

    The fan community deserves to see our tale told and to have somewhere we can use our own voice to tell the tale. Fanlore provides a place to do so, one cared for and maintained by fans themselves in yet another show of — you guessed it — love.

    Help keep Fanlore growing and thriving — please donate today.