Support the OTW this October!

As the rash of new OTW lolcats might suggest, it’s time for our annual October donations drive! If you’re on our mailing list, you’ve hopefully already received an email about this. (Let us know if you haven’t!)

In the last few months, we have:

and much more!

Thanks to your awesome response to our March membership drive, we had the funds in-hand to purchase our shiny new servers outright. This is incredibly exciting. \o/!

But we still have costs: colocation, bandwidth, saving up for our second set of servers when the first set get worn-out, and all kinds of exciting new projects we hope to dive into once the AO3 is out of beta, including a Vidding Archive of Our Own. So we hope you’ll choose to donate to the OTW this week!

If you have trouble donating, you can contact DevMem by leaving a comment on this post (at the blog or its livejournal or dreamwidth mirrors) or by using the contact form at our website. Thanks for your support!


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