Submit to the OTW Events Calendar!

Want a treat for the holidays? We have some AO3 invites for readers who can help us out in a project for next year!

As a service to fans, the OTW maintains a calendar of events related to its mission on the organization website. Most fans have heard of the San Diego Comic-Con, for example, but what about the many other fan-related happenings around the world? The calendar has included OTW events, fan gatherings & conventions, academic conferences, events related to open-source technology, fannish holidays & celebrations, and calls for papers in fan studies. At the beginning of each month, a roundup of upcoming events is posted to the OTW blog.

The events calendar becomes more useful for fans as the number and diversity of events it contains increases. As we move into 2013, the events calendar is a little bare and we would love to see it populated with events from fandoms and communities around the world. And for helping us with this task, we’re pleased to be able to offer a reward in the form of an invitation to the Archive of Our Own for events occurring in 2013 submitted between now and December 12th at 1700 UTC (see what time this is in your timezone).

Do you know of an event that would be a good fit for the OTW events calendar? Then participating is easy:

1) Check the events calendar to see if your event is already listed.

2) Go to the events submission form and fill in all of the required details. Be sure to include the e-mail address in the ‘Submitter’s e-mail’ field. Normally this is an optional field but we need an e-mail to send you the code. If you want the invite given to a friend, use their email and let them know to look for it (they can get caught in spam folders!)

3) That’s it! OTW Communications staff will review submissions and add appropriate events to the calendar.

4) Individuals who submit an eligible event and include an e-mail address will receive an invite to the AO3. Eligible events must fall into one of the above listed categories, and include enough information for staff to be able to create a listing on the calendar.

AO3 invitation codes are limited to one per e-mail address. AO3 invitation codes will be e-mailed out by December 15th.

If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this post or use the Communications Committee contact form.

Thank you for helping us offer this service to fans!


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