Strategic Planning Update #9

Statement of Purpose

The Strategic Planning Committee is continuing to work on helping the OTW develop a strategic plan for the next 3 – 5 years. As a quick refresher, the first stage of this plan is to survey internal stakeholders. We are in the process of interviewing all committees in turn and creating a report on each committee. The reports only include information that is gathered from the committees themselves, and all the conclusions and recommendations come from aggregating the data of those surveyed.

After a report on each committee is issued, we will create the first public Strategic Plan for the OTW. The goal of this stage is to create a basic, comprehensive report and strategic plan that addresses our internal problems and is:

* practical
* usable
* implementable
* straightforward
* as jargon-free and plainspoken as possible
* short-term

The ultimate goal is to address internal, systemic problems that are a big part of what’s preventing the org from formulating workable long-term goals or pursuing strategic projects such as, for example, teaming up more with the EFF.

Procedure for Contacting Retired Staff and Volunteers

There were some questions that arose in response to our last report about how we contact retired staff and volunteers for each team we survey. Due to OTW’s confidentiality policy regarding the identities of its volunteers, we do not have the ability to directly contact former staff and volunteers. Instead, we forward our surveys and invitation to communicate with us to the Volunteers & Recruiting Committee, who then email them on our behalf.

We do follow up with everyone who contacts us, so if you are a retired staff member or volunteer and you would like to make sure that we get a chance to survey or interview you about your former team, you are more than welcome to provide your contact details to us via our direct contact form. As always, we will preserve the anonymity of your responses, according to our confidentiality policy.

If we have already released a report on your former team, we are still interested in hearing your thoughts! Our reports are living documents, and we intend to release revised versions of all previously published reports simultaneously with our final report for the whole organization.

Reports to Date

* Volunteers & Recruiting Committee

* Tag Wrangling team (committee & volunteers) (PDF)


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