Strategic Planning Update #7

Hello from Strategic Planning! We’ve been very busy since our last update. We have finished running the staff survey for Open Doors, opened surveys for Systems staff and retired Volunteers & Recruiting staff, and are in the middle of interviewing the chair of Systems. We are also about to deploy surveys for Wiki committee staff, Fanlore gardeners, and Fanlore editors very soon.

In addition, we have completed a finished draft of our first report for the Tag Wrangling team. It is currently being reviewed for factual accuracy by the committee. We are also working on drafting our reports for Volunteers & Recruiting and Open Doors as we review the survey results from current staff members of those committees.

As a note of clarification, since some survey responses have expressed confusion, the questions in our surveys are not intended to evaluate or grade a committee. By asking questions if there have been problems, we certainly don’t wish to imply that there are problems. We are trying to ascertain if problems exist, and if so, what they are, and what people’s ideas are for helping fix them.

As always, people with questions and comments about the strategic planning process and/or those who would like to get in touch with us about their OTW experiences are all welcome to contact us via our direct contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!


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