Strategic planning update #5

Welcome to the latest news update from our Strategic Planning group. We’re very excited to have been confirmed as an official committee — we were previously a workgroup, which is used more often for temporary or short-term work. This switch is an acknowledgement that proper strategic planning for the org is a huge project, and also of the fact that it’s not a one-time process. After this round is complete, we’ll have to help committees put the plans into action, then re-evaluate and go through the process again (every 3 – 5 years), refining each time.

We’re currently in the process of drafting our first report, which is about the Tag Wrangling team. Once completed, we will share this first with the Tag Wrangling committee staff, then with the Board, then with Tag Wrangling volunteers; then it will be published publicly. Each of these groups will have the opportunity to correct factual errors in review, but not to remove or edit the summary of what was revealed by the surveys.

We have also gathered responses from our second set of surveys for retired Tag Wrangling volunteers and the VolCom staff, and are following up with all of the people who indicated in their survey responses that they’d like to talk to us further.

Additionally, in the last few weeks, we’ve been working on two more sets of surveys, one for the Fanlore-related teams (Wiki Committee, gardeners and editors), and the other for Open Doors. The chairs of these committees are currently being given the opportunity to review the surveys and weigh in on the timing of deployment.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has filled out a survey so far — Tag Wrangling staff and volunteers, Volunteers & Recruiting Committee staff, and all the retired staff and volunteers. Not only do we appreciate being able to gather this data, which is extremely important to the continuation of the org and the creation of a strategic plan, but we also appreciate everyone’s patience, and their help in refining our questions so we can get better and better at developing the best practices for acquiring the information we need.

As always, people with questions and comments about the strategic planning process and/or who would like to get in touch with us about their OTW experiences are all welcome to contact us via our direct contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!


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