Strategic Planning Update #10

Hello OTW Community,

The Strategic Planning Committee is starting the new year off with some leadership changes and we wanted to let you know about them, as well as what we accomplished last year and our goals for this year.

First, Anna, our previous chair, joined the OTW’s Board. As a result she resigned her chairship, and Strategic Planning Staffer Hana has stepped up and taken over as chair. Anna will be missed, but she will continue to support the committee as our new Board liaison.

Last year we completed reports on Survey, Open Doors, Volunteers & Recruiting, and Tag Wrangling. The next scheduled reports are on the Wiki Committee and Fanlore team, the Grants Committee, and the Systems Committee. We hope to release those in early 2014. We are also in the process of surveying Web, Internationalization and Outreach, Abuse, and Communications. When we complete the process with those committees we will move on the final groups, and then to the Board. Ultimately, we will release a final report that synthesizes all of the data we received across the entire organization.

We hope to complete the process this year, even though there is a lot to accomplish before we put together the final report! Strategic Planning appreciates all the volunteers and staffers who have taken the time to participate in our surveys, and the other committees who help us get the final reports out. We couldn’t do this without the support of the each of you so thanks for being awesome. If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to say hi, feel free to contact us.


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