Stepping Stones: OTW April Membership Drive

The Organization for Transformative Works has celebrated major milestones in the past weeks. Fanlore passed 500,000 edits, the Archive of Our Own passed 1 million fanworks, and our Journal Committee editors produced The Fan Fiction Studies Reader. In March, we hosted a series of discussions on “The Future of Fanworks” with academic, fan, legal, and entertainment industry guests to celebrate these achievements.

Now it’s time to focus on the path ahead! Every milestone we’ve reached has been a direct result of the cumulative generosity and effort of OTW members and volunteers. By making a donation, you can help create the path to the OTW’s future, and help us reach all the milestones yet to come.

During our membership drive from now through April 9, we invite you to become an OTW member by making a donation of US$10 or more. Your contribution will help to sustain the Archive of Our Own, Open Doors, Transformative Works and Cultures, Fanlore, Fanhackers, and our legal advocacy work. If you donate US$50 or more, you can opt to receive a thank-you gift to proudly show off your support.

Donations to OTW are tax deductible in the United States. If you have questions about donating, please visit our membership FAQ (located at the bottom of the donation page) or contact the Development & Membership committee.

Your donation is a stepping stone to the OTW’s future. Help us forge the path to preserving and fostering more fanworks and fannish history, achieving more legal victories, and encouraging more high-quality fannish scholarship. Please donate today!

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  1. Y.B. Bravo commented:

    Just as an FYI, your call to action on this news post could be clearer, which I think would help with clickthroughs and hopefully eventual donations.

    I came to the news post from the banner at the top of a fic (which is always convenient, btw). Since I was intending to donate again this year, I wasn’t particularly interested in the news post and just wanted to jump straight to the Donate link. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize at first that the graphic was a clickable link (I thought it was just a banner), so I ended up scrolling down and up again and nearly clicking back before I happened to roll over the graphic. It wouldn’t have been a big loss to me in particular, since I just got your Donate email with a clear link yesterday, but other potential donors may give up and decide to come back later (which they may or may not end up doing).

    For future reference, call to actions should preferably be extremely clear. I mean, so clear that there’s almost a 0% chance that people don’t know what to do. Clear enough that when people glance at it, they would know that they can click on the banner to be brought to the Donate page. Since you appear to be using the graphic as a shareable call to action as well, you can’t guarantee that people will post text along the lines of “Click here to support OTW” either. I feel that next year, designing a banner that literally says “Click here to support” or something on the call to action graphic would be helpful.

    (FYI, I obviously found the Donate page in the end, so I’m good to go. Keep up the awesome work!)

  2. Priscilla Del Cima commented:

    Hi, Y.B. Bravo,

    Thank you so much for your feedback! You made several excellent points, which we’ll be sure to take into account when designing future drive posts and graphics.

    Thanks for your support!

    OTW Development & Membership