Status Update: AO3 is A-OK, Be Back Soon!!

This is just a quick message to say that, due to a typo in our DNS, the Archive of Our Own is currently offline for some users. The error has already been fixed but it may take as long as 7 hours to propagate through the system. However we were not hacked or anything and we hope to be up as soon as possible. (Systems is telling us that this was a test of our communication and response teams…oh, wily wily Systems! Also typing is hard!)

We are sorry for the inconvenience and for any alarm. Also, it would be best not to click any links or submit any personal information to any unfamiliar sites.

Systems will have a fuller report on the problem soon for those who want the dirty details. Otherwise stay tuned and thank you for your patience!

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  1. TakesInLight commented:

    So glad that it didn’t get hacked and that it’s fixed. Was getting worried and in my frustration, I could’ve ordered a Russian wife.
    Luckily I saw this message xD

    • fcoppa commented:

      I feel bad telling you NOT to order a Russian wife because, as we know from fanfic, you could end up with John Sheppard or Krycek or somebody. But best to be safe I feel!

  2. Stowaway commented:

    When I click on any link to the AO3, I get sent to a splash page for a survey by a company I’ve never heard of. No mention on the survey page of the AO3 at all, and no way to opt out of the survey and proceed to the AO3. Looks seriously fishy to me (not to mention annoying)! You sure you weren’t hacked?

    • bonsaiscribbler commented:

      I’m currently having the same problem. I can’t even reach Ao3 anymore. I either get a survey or some weird easycash-advertisment when I click on the link to Ao3.

      • forest_rose commented:

        Me too. It looks like a bit more than a systems test, not that I know much about these things.

        • James commented:

          I think the comment about a systems test was a joke btw. There was a typing mistake in the DNS and a spaming company registered the typo to take advantage of it. The problem was fixed but DNS propagation takes a little while…

          Currently the server load is nearly back to what I would expect it to be at this time of day.

  3. Gee commented:

    Do you reckon that will make the server take longer to fix on my computer? As I still haven’t got it back yet and I was in the middle of reading a fic – I got to the most epic cliffhanger too! D: