Spotlight on International Outreach

Sometimes the way the OTW works can seem a bit opaque. We hope to shed light on it with spotlights: a series of posts which function as windows into the organisation. We start with a spotlight on International Outreach.

The International Outreach (IO) committee was founded a year ago, and as a young committee operating mainly behind the scenes it isn’t particularly well known. IO is committed to serving as a lobby for current minority users as well as potential future users, and it works to ensure that the needs of an international user base are heard. Whether the users are Chinese-language fans looking for information on vidding, Russian fans organizing translation challenges, or Israeli authors uploading fic in Hebrew, IO believes that the OTW’s projects should serve fans of different languages and fannish cultures, even if these fans are not part of the majority within the tradition that the OTW emerged from.

IO works mainly in collaboration with other committees. To give an example, recently we talked with the Support committee about how we could develop a support system which would include people who don’t speak English, and how we could develop dedicated foreign language support teams in the future.

IO was founded specifically to amplify and support concerns related to international accessibility, and you can always turn to the committee with feedback. While you can volunteer as a staffer – see the Willing to Serve post – one-time advice is equally good. Just drop the committee an e-mail.

Chart of the workings of IO
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Questions about IO? Ask them here! You can also suggest topics for us to write about.


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