Spotlight on Events Calendar

Even people who volunteer for the OTW can be unaware of the organization’s different features and projects. There’s a lot going on! I recently learned about a feature on the website that could use some more contributions, and may be getting some further development in the coming year.

The OTW website,, has a link to the Events Calendar always visible on the sidebar, right under the “Donate Now” button. You can list events by category, see the full calendar, or see events from only a single upcoming month. These events take place around the world and focus on a variety of fan-related gatherings and other happenings, including OTW events.

As an example, one category is Technology Events. That includes listings of in-person meetings and conferences as well as online events such as Ada Lovelace Day.

You’re also welcome to submit an event! Submitted items are then reviewed and added to the calendar by OTW events staff. Anyone who is involved in a fan-related event, or even who knows about an event that is not yet listed, can contribute to the calendar. The form asks for a web link to the event’s official contact information if possible, and includes a description field where you can add more information or a specific call to activity.

An example of how useful this can be is our listing for next year’s Harry Potter convention in Orlando, Florida: Ascendio. Our calendar listings include the Ascendio Call for Papers as well as a reminder that fans should sign up for rooms if they want to hold meetups – such as gatherings of OTW members attending the con!

Another upcoming event is a drive to create programming devoted to fic, vids, podfic, zines, and fanart at Dragon*Con. A fan is asking the OTW community for help developing ideas as well as seeking OTW-related fans who might be interested in participating or in being a panelist.

The calendar is a collaboration between the OTW’s Webmasters and Development & Membership committees. Web built it, and DevMem now gather, review, and post events. If this work sounds interesting to you, DevMem is looking for additional members. They would like someone who will pro-actively maintain the calendar; send materials to conferences and cons; and find OTW speakers/panels/etc. for events if requested. Please contact the Volunteers and Recruiting committee if you would be interested in volunteering!


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