The Slow Road to Fair Use: How IKAT381 fought the Bots and won

You might think fighting robots only happens in video games, in which case: read the The Slow Road to Fair Use: Why it Takes Three Weeks to Post Your Youtube Video, a guest post by video remixer IKAT381 at IKAT381 chronicles the three week–but ultimately successful–slog to get a vid up on YouTube, a process that included fighting the upload bot, which did an automatic takedown, lodging a dispute through YouTube’s built-in online tool, and then lodging a DMCA counternotice when the dispute was denied (by another bot?) in favor of UMG, the record company that owned the Weezer song.

Persistence paid off, but as IKAT381 points out, “imagine if I was a career artist who wanted to dedicate more time to creating than to looking up copyright law and counter-notice procedures. Or imagine I had kids, or school, or any number of things that might be more important to me than being a copyright geek.”

IKAT381 concludes: In the year 2009, copyright disputes have been taken over by robots. In the year 2010, copyright disputes should be handled by people.

(You might also enjoy the vid. Super Pork and Beans All-Stars (Weezer Remix) is a tribute to IKAT381’s favorite internet celebrities, of which you’re sure to recognize more than a few!)

  1. winkingstar commented:

    I’m in a class in which we’re talking a lot about copyright issues — mostly with regard to the scholarly art world, but I’m having fun bringing up fandom and the OTW whenever I can. I previously mentioned some of the OTW’s legal cases about the DMCA and fair use, and now I’ve linked this article on our class blog. I love bringing fandom to school with me. Thanks for continuing awesomeness and linkage. :)

    • fcoppa commented:

      Isn’t it great when expertise in one area translates into another? I have learned–and continue to learn–*so much* from fandom. \o/