Signal boost – learn computer science!

One of our senior coders, the lovely Elz, recently decided that she’d like to fill a few gaps in her knowledge of programming by working through MIT’s OpenCourseWare series Introduction to Computer Science and Programming. In the true spirit of fannish community learning, she’s set up a Dreamwidth community, intro-to-cs, so that anyone else who is interested can join in and support one another. If you’ve always wanted to learn computer programming, now is your chance – the course doesn’t require any previous experience.

You can also fill that burning desire to learn coding by volunteering for OTW coders – all abilities and levels of experience very much welcome!

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  1. tanou aina commented:

    I have no experience what so ever ..please help ?

    • Zooey Glass commented:

      Hey there! If you are interested in learning CS from scratch, then you could do worse than check out the community linked in the post above. They’re currently halfway through a runthrough of the MIT course, but they may do another round.

      You’d also be very welcome to join the OTW as a volunteer coder in Ruby on Rails! We don’t require any experience and you’d have the added enjoyment of contributing something to fandom. If you’re interested, you can volunteer via the form at, stating that you want to be a coder.