Show Your OTW Pride With Our Donation Thank-You Gifts

Did you know that when you donate to the OTW, you can choose to receive a thank-you gift? We’ve got lots of choices—from keychains to mugs to notebooks—including some new items for this drive! Here’s some of our favourites, new and old.

First of all, let’s talk stickers! Our OTW sticker set includes seven stickers featuring the logos of the OTW, AO3, Fanhackers, Fanlore, Legal Advocacy, Open Doors, and Transformative Works and Cultures – TWC. This thank-you gift is available with a minimum donation of US$50. And for a minimum donation of US$40, you can receive our new sticker set in honor of AO3’s recent Hugo Award win. They come in a set of four, and each one features a different AO3 and Hugo-themed image. Both sets of stickers are great for decorating your notebooks, laptops, or anything else you like.

OTW Sticker Set (contains seven stickers). The first six stickers measure 7.6cm wide: (1) A white circle with the red OTW logo, a circular arrow inside a circle. Around the logo in black are the words "Organization for Transformative Works" and the URL "". (2) A white rectangle with the red Fanhackers logo, two hand tools crossed in a X. (3) A red square with the white and grey Open Doors logo, French doors opening to reveal a path. (4) A white square with the Legal Advocacy logo, a circular arrow surrounding the scales of justice. The arrow reads "Fair Use, Legal Advocacy, Free Expression". (5) A white oval with the red Archive of Our Own logo, a stylized AO3. (6) A red rectangle with the TWC logo in white; on the left are the letters TWC in a vertical arrangement, and on the right are the words "Transformative Works and Cultures". (7) A die cut of the Fanlore logo, blue text on a white background. This sticker measures 9.5cm long.Hugo Award Sticker Set (contains four stickers measuring 5cm). The first two are circular, with a small rocket flying above the AO3 logo. (1) is red, and (2) is black. (3) A rectangle with the Hugo logo next to the words "Archive of Our Own - 2019 Hugo Award Winner - Best Related Work." and (4) a stylised rocket with the words "Archive of Our Own, Best Related Work, Hugo Awards" handwritten inside the body and the year "2019" on the rocket's fins.

Want to show more AO3 love? We’ve got pins, keychains, notebooks, hats, and a mug that comes with a mystery gift from our retired donation premiums. We also have a Kudos-themed stress ball for those times when life gets hard, or when you discover that you’ve already left kudos here. 🙂

Red heart-shaped stress ball with a white AO3 logo

Want a place to store all this great OTW swag? Check out our AO3 duffel bag! This bag measures 10 x 19 x 9.75 inches (25 x 48 x 25 centimeters) and features black and red coloring with a white AO3 logo on the side. This thank-you gift is available with a minimum donation of US$350.

Introducing the AO3 Sports Duffel. The bag is black with red accents, with a red swoosh and a white AO3 logo on the side. It measures 25 x 48 x 25 centimeters. It has a convenient over-the-shoulder strap and a mesh side pocket ideal for podfic storage. It's perfect for carrying gym clothes, stashing your superhero costume, use as a zombie apocalypse bug-out bag, and traveling with your zine collection.

If you can’t donate enough for your favorite thank-you gift right now, don’t worry! We also accept recurring donations that let you save up for what you want. You just select how much you’d like to donate and how often, let us know what you’re saving up for, and then when you reach the right amount we send you your gift. It’s an easy way to manage your donations, and it also helps make sure that your OTW membership stays current.

For those of you in the United States, don’t forget to ask your employers about donation matching programs. The OTW is a registered nonprofit in the US, and we issue tax receipts for donations from US residents.

These gifts are just a small token of our appreciation for your support. To all of you who donate to the OTW, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

  1. MasterHya commented: Hey, the donation page keeps getting flagged as unsecured and a security risk. Might want to check that out.
    • Janita Burgess commented: Hi Masterhya, Thanks for letting us know. May I ask which particular links you're using to access the donation page so that we can try to figure out what's going on? Sincerely, -Janita Burgess OTW Communications Co-Chair
  2. moth2fic commented: Both my daughter and I have recurring donations but can't find a way to let you know what we want to save for... In the past I did save for a gift but now there's no obvious way to make a choice.
    • Janita Burgess commented: Hi Moth2fic, Thanks for your message. In order to let us know which gift you'd like to save up for, just contact Development and Membership using our contact form: Sincerely, -Janita Burgess OTW Communications Co-Chair
  3. Sybrant commented: Ooh will the "thank you gifts" be available for purchase at all? I know some people who would love the pins at little xmas presents!
    • Janita Burgess commented: Hi Sybrant, Thanks for your message. The thank-you gifts are only available for the donation amounts specified on the donation page. Sincerely, -Janita Burgess OTW Communications Co-Chair