Show Off with New OTW Thank-You Gifts!

Check it out: Brand new this month, the Organization for Transformative Works (OTW) presents some awesome new project-themed merch, available when you make a donation today!

Shed some light on your appreciation for transformative works! Get an LED keychain flashlight stamped with an OTW project logo and show off your support for any of the following:

  • The Archive of Our Own (AO3), a hub for transformative fanworks such as fanfiction, fanart, fan videos and podfic
  • Fanlore, a wiki-based community project that preserves fan history
  • Fanhackers, a blog created to help make fandom research more accessible
  • Legal Advocacy, a dedicated legal team that works to protect fanworks and defend the rights of the fans who create them
  • Open Doors, a project that preserves and maintains fannish voices by importing at-risk content to AO3 or even rescuing actual physical artifacts
  • Transformative Works and Cultures, an international, peer-reviewed, open-access academic journal dedicated to promoting scholarship in the field of fan studies

Can’t pick just one? You can also get a set of our brand-new stickers featuring all of these projects, plus the OTW logo as well! As with all of our thank-you gifts, don’t forget that you can always set up a recurring donation to save up for your favorite item.

Collection of the logos for the Organization for Transformative Works, Fanlore, Fanhackers, Legal Advocacy, Open Doors, the Archive of Our Own, and Transformative Works and Cultures

None of the work these projects do would be possible without you. Support the OTW today!


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