September 2008 Newsletter, vol. 17

Welcome to the first September issue of the OTW Newsletter! We’re constantly on the lookout for ways to keep fandom up-to-date and informed about what’s going on behind the scenes here at OTW, so twice a month, Community Relations compiles updates about what the various committees are working on and we share them here.

All issues of the newsletter will be tagged accordingly, so you can follow our progress chronologically.

Academic Journal Update from mafaldastasi

The Academic Journal is getting ready for its first issue, September 2008!

Accessibility, Design, and Technology Update from black_samvra

AD&T are preparing for Beta testing of the Archive and doing a lot of tweaking and beautifying (it’s a word!). This is a ‘house’ thing and purely internal but keep your eyes open for more details in the next update!

The Archive front end (the bit people actually see) is coming together and starting to look really good. Our Design, Code, Test teams are putting in an incredible amount of work while radiating vibrant, if slightly insane, enthusiasm.

Board Update from kellyannbessa

The Board continues to work with various committees to provide guidance and keep projects on track as the new website, the wiki, the archive, and the journal move forward.

Community Relations Update from femmequixotic

Community Relations has started to help Elections with preparatory plans for the upcoming election! We’re also anticipating the launches of the archive, journal, wiki, and website 2.0 and will be continuing our Spotlight On… series.

Content Policy Update from ainsley

We’ve finished drafting the policies for additional features the Archive will offer, and are looking forward to receiving feedback on them. They’ll be posted when the new version of the website goes up, so that we can host the discussion there rather than LJ.

Development and Membership Update from ignazwisdom

We’re keeping very busy over here, consulting with our merchandise researcher in hopes of opening an OTW store soon and doing what we can to support other committees as we approach our first elections, the launch of Website 2.0, and the launch of the beta versions of Fanlore and the Archive.

Elections Update from eponis

Elections is revving up for the upcoming Board election in November. We’ll shortly be announcing a detailed Elections FAQ and timeline for 2008’s election season. Our committee members are hard at work preparing for voter and candidate rosters, ironing out details with our external polling service, and planning our helpdesk service for the election itself. We’ll soon focus on recruiting candidates and publicizing how to vote, in order to get the fullest participation possible!


No update at this time.

Legal Update from killalla

The Legal Committee continues to provide support to other committees, reviewing further Terms and Conditions and related policies, as well as advising on guidelines and other drafting matters. As ever, we attempt to respond promptly to queries from the public as they arise, as well as work to make relevant material available on the website.

Open Doors Update from Francesca Coppa

Open Doors is working closely with ADT on the Archive. We are also working on plans to reach out to current archivists and maintainers of fanfiction collections once the archive is opened. We’re also beginning to think broadly about the physical and digital preservation of early fannish artifacts like print zines, slides, and videocassettes.

Public Relations Update from jacquez

PR continues to work on updating the key messages, and developing resources for our press kit (both hardcopy and electronic).


No update at this time.

Translations Update from logovo

After uploading translations of the new OTW website in five languages, we’re presently coordinating with our volunteers for uploading three additional languages. Bahasa Indonesia, Nederlands and Português!

Also, other committees have work heading our way (*waves to Elections*) so we’re looking forward to getting our hands on the next project.

Volunteers and Recruiting from kellyannbessa

Volunteers has been busy with several projects related to the upcoming election. Additionally, we are looking for some graphics for OTW swag, and have extended the search for Systems committee members.

Webmasters Update from juniperphoenix

The Board has reviewed the draft of Website 2.0, and we are making last-minute tweaks to prepare for launch.

Wiki Update from angstslashhope

The Wiki Committee are putting the last finishing touches to Fanlore interface and policy in preparation for imminent soft launch.

What details would you like to know? Please give ComRel a helping hand and let us know! Email us at comrel @

–femmequixotic, bethbethbeth, ciderpress, mirabile_dictu, shrift, svmadelyn
Community Relations Committee


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