Seeking a few good anime and manga fans!

Fanlore, the OTW’s fan history wiki project, is looking for help organizing the anime and manga areas of the wiki in anticipation of trying to beef up the content. In particular, they want fans familiar with the material to weigh in on the underlying category structures: anime vs. manga vs. comics vs. cartoons vs. animation. As they sum up:

We’re hoping for a system that will accommodate many needs, including those of manhua, manhwa, and a variety of animation and comics fandoms from around the world. If you have knowledge in these areas, we definitely want to hear from you! We hope to find a few fans who are excited about the prospect of chronicling and preserving anime or manga fandoms and their histories, who can help us 1) figure out how best to structure this corner of the wiki and 2) reach out to anime and manga communities for more participation once we have a good structure in place.

If you have the knowledge to help, please comment on that post or contact the Wiki Committee through their contact form.

Edited to add: a revised proposal is now up at the Fanlore dreamwidth community. Please go by and weigh in!


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