Second OTW Board candidate chat starts in an hour!

Our second OTW Board candidate chat is set to begin about an hour from now (find out what time that is in your location), and will be held in the OTW Public Discussion chat room, accessible at this link: We’re gratified by the active interest OTW members are taking in this election, and we’re preparing for the chat to be a popular event. As we have so many awesome candidates and so many excellent questions, it’s going to be a challenge keeping this chat organized! Ira Gladkova, our OTW Elections officer and today’s chat host, is sharing some details of how she will make this work smoothly for all.

We already have a queue of a over dozen emailed questions and expect to get a few more (Ira comments: You folks are AMAZING and it is so awesome to have this much participation!), and we also believe it’s important to have time for live questions; this means that we know already that we will not get through all the questions during the live chat period. To address this conflict, we will alternate between live and email questions for as long as possible. If you are unable to attend, or would like to help us reduce “noise” in the chat room, please submit it using the OTW Elections contact form – that goes straight to Ira. The cutoff time for submitting questions is the end of the chat, at 9pm UTC/2100 UTC. Ira will announce within the chat when we are wrapping up, and remind people to submit any remaining questions they have.

All unanswered questions will be bundled together in groups of about 4, and Ira will send out a group of questions every 24 hours after the chat until we’ve run through them all. As before, the answers will be collected and posted along with the transcript. We’ll preview the first batch of questions at the end of the chat so the candidates will all see them at the same time.

For everyone attending who has a question to ask, we have a request! Please just say (I have a question!) in the chat at any time; Ira will keep a list and will call on you, so we can give the questions to the candidates one at a time.

And last but not least: As the chat happens, we will be posting a rough screenshot here, updated every 5-10 minutes. We hope that if we have any attendees who have trouble accessing the chatroom, this will give them the option of keeping up with what is being said, and allow them to submit questions via our contact form no matter what. That image will be linked here: click to view screencap (this will be updated on the original post on only), and an accessible text transcript will be posted within an hour following the close of the chat, along with the final screenshot.

More details about out elections candidates, as well as links to the initial chat transcript, can be found here, on the OTW Elections site.

  1. Jenny S-T commented:

    Great work on updating the transcript! I’m daunted by the number of questions, but glad that people are discussing the issues.