Scheduled Archive downtime

The Archive of Our Own will have approximately two hours of planned downtime on 8 November 2012, starting c. 05.30 UTC (see what time that is in your timezone).

During this time we will be installing new discs in our servers, giving us more space to accommodate the demands of serving lots of data to lots of users!

If all goes well with the hardware installation, we will also be deploying new code during this downtime. The new release will include the long-awaited return of the tag filters! We’re very excited (and a bit nervous).

Please follow AO3_Status for updates on the downtime and maintenance – we’ll tweet before we take the site down and again when the work has been completed. If our Twitter says we’re up but you’re still seeing the maintenance page, you may need to clear your browser cache and refresh.

Archive of Our Own
  1. Chay commented:

    Are the filters going to show more than the top ten tags, or are they going to be useless to a lot of people?