Resignation of OTW Directors

The Organization for Transformative Works (OTW) is saddened to announce that Antonius Melisse and Natalia Gruber have resigned from the Board of Directors. Antonius’s term was already scheduled to end in a few months, with his seat on track to be filled at the end of the current election season. However, Natalia still had two years to her term. Her seat will be added to the number of seats to be filled in the upcoming election.

Because the number of Board vacancies is now the same as the number of candidates, this year’s OTW Board election will be uncontested. However, the election will still happen, on August 11 – 14, and OTW members will elect three candidates to serve a full-term (3 years) and two candidates to serve partial terms.

We would like to thank Antonius and Natalia for their service as members of the Board and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

Edited to add: Board director Alex Tischer has also resigned from the OTW Board effective July 27th.

  1. Muccamukk commented:

    Can you confirm that Alex Tischer resigned as well?

    • Reading comprehension, not even once. commented:

      Pretty sure if that had happened, it would have been mentioned.

      • Muccamukk commented:

        The situation appears to be quite fluid. There are strong rumours that it has indeed happened.

        • prettyweirdideas (prettyOdd) commented:

          Check the Edit. Alex has resigned ig. Does that mean that this will be an uncontested election?

          • Muccamukk commented:

            Oh, missed the edit! Thank you.

            The election was uncontested when the first two resigned. Alex’s term was up already, so she’s basically quitting a few months early.

          • aroceu commented:

            yeah, it’s uncontested. the top 3 candidates will serve full terms, the last 2 will serve partial terms

  2. Skuld commented:

    Can it be clarified whether Alex has resigned just from the Board, or if they have also resigned as an OTW volunteer?

  3. Nagaina commented:

    Speaking strictly as a member of the OTW and its voting polity, I would very much like an immediate explanation for this.

    • Muccamukk commented:

      Taking a wild guess, it probably has something to do with the people demanding Alex resign because of her racist comments:

      • Skuld commented:

        Additional context and history here:

        …but I would like to hear the OTW, in their own words, summarize the events leading up to the resignation of three Board Directors.

        • Muccamukk commented:

          Ha. I would as well. I expect it will be a long wait though.

      • Jake commented:

        I get why Alex resigned. I just want to know why the other two suddenly resigned. Especially Natalia. Didn’t even give a message for why? As a former president of the board? Its giving worrisome vibes

        • Satsuma commented:

          my understanding was Natalia was already on hiatus (eg. they did not attend the last OTW board meeting, for that reason). Seeing as there have now been several different major problems in the OTW that the board needs to be able to respond quickly to, escalating said hiatus to a resignation so someone else can take over doesn’t seem unreasonable.

          That said, I would also like an official explanation from the OTW rather than just the word of mouth we’ve all been cobbling things together with so far

          • Jake commented:

            Ah that makes some sense but yeah, seriously there should be some kind of official statement of why things are happening , not just that they are. Has this organization not learned by now that one of their biggest weaknesses is their pisspoor communications and PR?

  4. Sans commented:

    Are these strings of resignations related in any way to harassment, on or off-site?

  5. Emiliana commented:

    There should be a refresh to campaigns to allow others to step up and run. This significantly changes the dynamics enough to warrant it.

  6. S commented:

    Everyone on the board should resign. The way otw has handled itself recently is abysmal and a refresh is desperately needed.

    • nalia commented:


  7. nalia commented:

    good riddance, it’s bad ppl resigning themselves, they can’t handle rightfully criticism, racist allegiances (alex especially) can’t protect volunteers or even attack them for bringing systematic racism to public (kutti situation)