Remix (and Response)

Political remixer Jonathan McIntosh released a new political remix video, Right Wing Radio Duck.

And Glen Beck responds (rather hilariously, with a paranoid theory about Jonathan’s “federal funding” – though apparently with some comprehension of and support of fair use!):

News of Note
  1. deborah commented:

    I’m not sure that I’d agree that he shows comprehension of fair use, because part of his paranoid conspiracy theory requires insisting that “Disney doesn’t have a problem” with their material being used by evil communists and enemies of the country. In other words, he seems to think that “fair use” requires the permission of the copyright holder.

    Also, the musical background to his appropriation of Gandhi is possibly the funniest vile thing I have heard in days.

    • fcoppa commented:

      Yeah, this is true; his position isn’t really coherent. He implies both that Disney *can’t* do anything about it (because it’s fair use) and that they *won’t* do anything about it (presumably because they’re in on the anti-Beck conspiracy?) (And of course, just because it’s fair use doesn’t mean that Disney couldn’t sue – what Jonathan’s doing is pretty obviously legal – the most obvious kind of political speech – but who could afford a lawsuit against the Mouse if they decided to get huffy about it?)