Reminder: GeoCities Rescue Project: Fanfic Writers, Please Be In Touch!

This is a reminder that the OTW will give Archive beta accounts to people’s whose fic will be thrown off GeoCities when it closes at the end of next month! But you have to come and ask! (Please ask!) If you haven’t found other hosting options for your own fic, or if you are an archivist or maintainer of a multi-author site, please email Open Doors with your site name and we’ll try to hook you up one way or the other.

Meanwhile, some awesome fans are documenting the existence of fannish sites on GeoCities using Fanlore. If you ever wanted to try your hand at using Fanlore, this is a great time to learn: there’s loads of sites that need documenting. And if you know any of the people hosted on or running these sites, please please encourage them to request Archive accounts: we don’t want to lose the stories!

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  1. abyssinia commented:

    I wasn’t going to ask about this, but a friend convinced me I should. When I first started in fandom I made a geocities website for my M*A*S*H fic. I haven’t updated it in years, and all that fic is also posted on my livejournal (which isn’t going anywhere) so I’m not sure if I’m your target audience for the beta accounts here, since my fic won’t disappear entirely. But I was convinced that I should at least ask and let you decide.

    • abyssinia commented:

      Ack, sorry, I thought I was in the email page and now it won’t let me delete that comment…

      • Heather Cook commented:

        No worries — we’ve gotcha!