Reminder: extended Archive downtime today

The Archive of our Own will be down for maintenance today, Thursday 10 February, from c. 18.00 UTC, for approximately 6 hours (What time is this where I am?).

Today is the day of the new servers! Our colocation host has run some new power lines for our hungry beasts, and moved our trusty old servers into the rack with the shiny new ones. Today, we’ll be switching over to actually using the new servers!

The switch means there will be extended Archive downtime. The Archive will be down today, Thursday 10 February, c. 18.00 UTC, for approximately 6 hours (What time is this where I am?).You can keep track of the Archive’s status on our Twitter, AO3_Status.

You can lay in stores for the AO3 absence by using our handy-dandy download feature, which will let you have fic in HTML, PDF, epub or mobi format. You might also like to pass the time by contributing some of your fannish knowledge to our sister project the Fanlore wiki, currently asking fans to Share the Love and write about a friend in fandom!

Our trusty Systems admin, Sidra, will be working hard to set up the new servers and integrate the Archive into its new home. But there’s one task still to complete – we’re looking for names for our servers! Channel your creativity while the AO3 is gone into thinking up appropriate names for our seven lovely machines and join in our Server naming festival.

Hurray for new servers!

Archive of Our Own

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