In Practice: Vidding

The new issue of Camera Obscura: a journal of Feminism, Culture, and Media Studies published by Duke University Press, features a special section on vidding consisting of essays written by various current and former OTW staffers Kristina Busse, Francesca Coppa, Alexis Lothian, and Rebecca Tushnet.

The essays in the section include: (the link goes to the abstract; full text is not yet available on this site for nonsubscribers.)

* Francesca Coppa, An Editing Room of One’s Own: Vidding as Women’s Work

* Francesca Coppa and Rebecca Tushnet, How to Suppress Women’s Remix

* Kristina Busse and Alexis Lothian, Scholarly Critiques and Critiques of Scholarship: The Uses of Remix Video

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